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    can I calculate with master measures

    Mary Jo Taft

      I have the following table and I want to calculate the percentage of total cost per kg.  I have 2 master measures that I created and I would want to divide 1 by the other -  I thought the purpose of creating master measures was for them to be reused. How can I do this without having to recreate the measures in a new measure?


      I wanted to calc the % by taking Cost per kg/ Total Cost per kg.  

      (some of the Weights are missing in data, hence check for length in my measure calc).


      The following are my master measures:


      Cost per kg = Sum(If(len(trim([Chargeable Weight]))>0,[Total Invoice Amount]/[Chargeable Weight],[Total Invoice Amount]))


      Total Cost per kg =   Sum(TOTAL([Total Invoice Amount]/[Chargeable Weight]))