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    Invalid dimension for dimension chart

    Eleyeh Abaneh



      I am a very new user of Qlik sense and I experience some trouble with line charts.


      I have a table for prices which has two columns. Here's a sample of my table :


      1/1/2017 11:005
      1/1/2017 12:0012
      1/1/2017 13:003
      1/1/2017 14:004
      1/1/2017 15:005
      1/1/2017 16:003



      And I want to create a line chart where the Y-axis would be the price and the X axis would be : (n/m+1)

      where n=rank(price) and m would be equal to the highest rank of the price (so the rank of the lowest price)


      The solution I've found leads me to a invalid dimension for my line chart dimension. The function is the following