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    chat bot using Node.js

    Gleybson Fernandes

      Hi everyone, I`m new on qlik sense at all, and I need to develop a bot that communicates with Qlik sense. I saw alot of great stuff in .NET, but I`m not quite familiar with it, my main lenguage/framework is Node.js, is there anyone that could help me understand how to do that?

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          Markus Ortel

          Hi Gleybson,


          your question is very open... and depends on many different aspects.

          Assuming the interface of your bot is a webpage, the backend could be written in Node.js  / JS and also the complete communication between the bot and Sense server.

          I also found a Telegram Node.js Integration here GitHub - yagop/node-telegram-bot-api: Telegram Bot API for NodeJS


          This (could) leads to the following desing:

          [1/BOT {Telegram]


          [2/Telegram Bot 4 NodeJs Integration  including [3/Thing That Parse the Input / Natural Language Processing]]


          [4/Thing Thats connects to the Qlik Sense Server]


          [Qlik Sense Server]


          And of course you have to bring back the result to the bot again.


          Hopefully this was helpful and gave you an idea about one possible solution.