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    Cross table issue

    Saurav Gupta


      I want to have a cross tabular view of my data. I tried using Pivot table as well, but the result was not satisfactory.
      Please see pic above. In my report in need to show -(say by row 1).

      in Sep'13 total 176 users get registered, out of which only 7 place orders in Sep'13, only 14 place orders in Oct'13, only 18 place orders in Nov'13, and so on.

      Similarly for Oct'13, total number of new users getting registered is 308. Out of these 308 users only 11 is placing orders in Oct'13, 29 are placing orders in Nov'13, 30 are placing orders in Dec'13 and so on.


      I have also search online sources, but could not get anything satisfactory. Can anyone help me on this.

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          kushal chawda

          Would you be able to share the sample data?

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            Andrew Walker

            Hi Saurav,




            CrossTable(Month, Orders, 2)

            LOAD Date(FirstMonth,'MMM-YY') as FirstMonth,

                 [Reg Users],








            [Cross table issue.xlsx] //your data was entered into this excel sheet

            (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);







            [Reg Users],

            Date(Num#(Month),'MMM-YY') as Month,

            Num(Orders) as Orders

            Resident Data;



            DROP Table Data;


            The this pivot table:

            FirstMonth Month Feb-14Jan-14Dec-13Nov-13Oct-13Sep-13
            Sep-13 50363418147
            Oct-13 3144302911-
            Nov-13 1009987112--
            Dec-13 145172224---
            Jan-14 312449----
            Feb-14 726-----