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    sorting legend

    Chan HS



      I have a field called Priority which has the following values: High, Medium, Low, Waiting and blanks.


      To gather the results of only High, Medium and Low, i used the following:


      if("Priority"='Low', "Final Risk Rating", if( "Priority" = 'Medium', "Priority", if ("Priority" = 'High',"Priority"))) as "Priority"


      and stored the results in a qvd file. When I load the data out from the qvd file, i used the following code:




      However, the legend comes out in the ordre of High, Low then Medium. How do I sort the legend properly into High, Medium, Low (or Low, Medium, High)?



      Also, is it possible to change the colours of the legend to whatever i want? Currently, the colours as shown below are not what I want. I want the >90% to be blue, 80-90% be yellow and <80% be red. How should i do this?