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    Create table from other loaded tables

    Eleyeh Abaneh



      I am a very new Qlik user and I encounter troubles with JOIN and RESIDENT functions


      I have four tables loaded from a database. The tables are loaded this way :


      LOAD date,

        'France' as country,

        [price] as FR_prices;



      SELECT "date",


      FROM "public"."FR_prices";


      The three others tables are for Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. They are loaded in a similar way (you replace FR by BE,NL or DE and France by the corresponding country).


      I want now to create a new table from all those four tables. This table named [countries_prices] should be like :




      I have tried :



      Load BE_prices

      FROM [BE_prices];

      Left Join ([countries_prices])

      Load NL_prices

      FROM [NL_prices];

      Left Join ([countries_prices])

      Load FR_prices

      FROM [FR_prices];

      Left Join ([countries_prices])

      Load DE_prices

      FROM [DE_prices];


      But it gets me errors in the load editor.