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    dattaram dhuri



      I have a district wise data with latitude and longtitude information. I want to find out what is distance between 2 location.

      Also i need to find out within 2 hours distance which locations got cover.

      Can anyone please guide me how i can get is in Qlik Geoanalytics?




      LatitudeLongitudeCorrt DLoc name
      22.56451872.928871Anand, Gujarat
      21.76447372.15193Bhavnagar, Gujarat
      22.41710372.896708Borsad, Gujarat
      22.17042371.668427Botad, Gujarat
      22.83793174.253146Dahod, Gujarat
      24.25850372.190672Deesa, Gujarat
      22.74284372.443567Dholka, Gujarat
      22.77880473.61428Godhra, Gujarat
      23.02001673.070042Kapadvanj, Gujarat
      21.0921671.770463Mahuva, Gujarat