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    Formatting milisecond intervals in charts

    Mateusz Pabiś

      Hi All,


      I'm struggling with formatting milisecond intervals in charts. It either does not work at all (shows only zeros) or work wrongly (strange numbers appear).


      To reproduce the problem you can load the exemplary data:



      LOAD Id AS ID, Timestamp(Miliseconds/24/60/60/1000, 's.fff') AS timestamp INLINE [

      Id, Miliseconds

      1, 1

      2, 7

      3, 48

      4, 35

      5, 56

      6, 100


      Then I create a table just to show the data is loaded properly:


      But when I create a line chart, I get all 0.000s on the Y-scale (this is with automatic formatting):


      When I overwrite the formatting in Data->timestamp->formatting from "automatic" to "interval", and type in 's.fff' it gets even worse:


      The values on the charts are correct. It's just the scale which is all zeros.

      Do you have any idea how to overcome this issue?


      In the attachment you will find the application with the described behavior.


      Thanks in Advance