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    Configure Operations and License Monitor for complete reload of logs

    Michael Gemmer



      we have discoverred that both monitor apps do not load all the log files. The reason is simple. During the upgrade from 3.1 to 3.2 and shard persistance it was missed to copy the archived logs to the new location coming with shared persistance. Also the connection to the ArchivedLogs folder was incorrect.

      Meanwhile we copied the old logs and corrected the connection but both monitor apps do not load the old log files. Seems to be due to the incremental load and some time stamps in the ..stats.. qvd.


      But how to get them doing an initial reload again?

      We are using June 2017 SR2 right now.


      In fact I would also be interested in some more information about both monitor apps

      Configure operations monitor in qliksense


      regards Michael