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    Creating Bucket in Qlikview Script

    Yuvraj Killedar

      Dear All,


      Currently stuck in a scenario where I have to implement following bucket:


      If (ABS(Budgeted – Actual))<0.25 AND Actual <0.25, THEN




      If Budgeted>0 AND Actual =0, THEN “Exhibit Not Yet Started”;


      If Budgeted =0 AND Actual>0, THEN search for the Budgeted Value in subsequent quarters of that particular year, if the Budgeted Value is found in other quarters Then “Preponed”, Else “Unbudgeted”;


      If Budgeted =0 AND Actual=0, THEN “No RM Cost –OH Allocated”;


      If Budgeted<Actual, THEN “Budget Exceeded”;


      If Budgeted>Actual, THEN “Exhibit Batch Ongoing/Positive Variance”;

        Else ERROR.

      Actual Values are coming from SAP at Month Year Level whereas Budget from Excel file at Quarter level.


      Analysis & Calculations are to be shown at Project, Year & Quarter level.


      Please find attached sample data.