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    Unable to start a new server after installation

    Vladimir Komarov

      I cannot start the Central Node's QMC after the installation was done.

      All services are running, but I cannot start neither Hub no QMC.

      Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 10.36.13 AM.png

      I've tried to disable a firewall on the server, but it did not help much.


      This is a fresh install of June 2017 release (I did not apply the SR2 patch yet). The error in the system_proxy log is: "Starting proxy, waiting for certificates to be installed"


      I thought it was not required for the initial installation, only for Proxy node configuration...

      I did not find any steps for certificates to be installed on the Central node before licenses should be applied. I am trying to access the QMC from the server directly, and it should not require any certificates, IMHO.

      And I've tried the HTTP:// option as well (for both localhost and server name option), but it did not change much.


      Looking forward to any suggestions....