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    Ticket History Inputs-Output's for Team

    Ashok N

      Hi All,


      I need your support to achieve below output format.


      I want to set a flags for each 'Team 'input and output when ever ticket enter's into one team we mark as input for that team and whenever it's closed we will make output flag...but problem here we have start date and end date for each records, for some how we have missing time interval in Endtime of one team and start time of next team so we need to create our own start time and end time based on existing data.


      Input Flag:

      When ticket opened then we can take start time as start time and when ever we have status as closed then that record starttime will be endtime for input flag. 


      Output Flag:

      When ever ticket is closed that start and end time will be start and end time. If it s inprocess then start and end time will be same for input flag and Output flag.


      If i confused you above please see attached sample data and expected output.


      Thanks in Advance.