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    Multiple OR Statement Filters

    Peter Bower

      Hi all,


      I looked up threads but perhaps didn't phrase the question right.


      What is the quick way in Qlik Sense to do multiple OR statements, e.g.:



      LOAD * FROM [lib://QVDSourcePath/Aurora_WorkflowStatus.qvd] (qvd)

      WHERE Workflow_Area='Cheque Scanning'

      or Workflow_Area='Membership'

      or Workflow_Area='Manual'

      or Workflow_Area='Practice'

      or Workflow_Area='Sales Tracker'

      or Workflow_Area='Task Management'

      or Workflow_Area='Cessation'

      or Workflow_Area='Unknown';


      How do I just go 'WHERE' and then do something in Brackets that does the same thing (bring back a table with all of these in it)?