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    QVD used in QVW's

    sagar kharpude



      I have one QVD which name is Test.QVD. And I want to find out all the QVW files where I have used Test.QVD.


      How can I get this information.




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          Anil Samineni

          Can you check this HTML tag after open the qvd in text editor..


          <CreatorDoc>Path of QVW</CreatorDoc>

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            Anand Chouhan

            Read this QVD in the Qlikview and read it as the XML there you can find the QVW name from where this qvd get created.

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              Peter Cammaert

              The answer may be different than what has been posted so far. If I understand you correctly, you want a list of QVW documents that have made use of a particular QVD file in some way or another.


              That's a bit more work than just reading the XML header of a QVD. The QVD itself won't tell you where it has been used, but the different QVWs on your system also contain an XML header and that header will contain a reference to Test.QVD if a particular QVW has Loaded data from this QVD.


              So the answer is: scan all QVWs on your QlikView server for a reference  to Test.QVD in their XML header.


              Luckily there is a QlikView tool that will do the tiresome work for you: QlikView Governance Dashboard.
              On tab Applications->Lineage you can select a QVD in the Sources table, and the table Processes will show you all QVW documents that have made use of this QVD.


              Note that a QVW that performs a BINARY load of another QVW will not contain the source references of the first QVW. So you loose track of some of the origins of the data in this second QVW.


              [Edit] For the GD I posted a link to an announcement by the author. He may not like that, but I hope he will forgive me as the Qlik Market has become inaccessible. Temporarily I hope.