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    Running total & Averge required to be maintained under each Telephone number



      My dear friends, As you always lend your helping hand, appreciate if you look in to the table below which is after data being loaded as to how the running total & running average being maintained for individual telephone numbers. I have applied the expressions as below to bring in the running total & average but it continuing all the way down irrespective of the different telephone numbers bill amount. As can be seen, we cannot find out the exact running total & average for individual bills. Also I need to show the correct running total & average in the "Total row" which carries nil balance as at now.


      Dear all hope you may speedily response to my issue.


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      RangeSum(Above(TOTAL RangeSum(Actual),0,RowNo(TOTAL)))
      RangeAvg(ABOVE(TOTAL RangeSum(Actual),0,RowNo(TOTAL)))
      Sum (Actual)