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    Switching Charts in Qlik Sense

    Harini Konka

      Hello Community,

      I’m new to Qlik Sense and there is a requirement for me to convert a QlikView dashboard to Qlik Sense. The QlikView dashboard UI used buttons/trigger actions using variables to switch between charts on the same real estate. I want to replicate same chart functionality in Qlik Sense. I did look into the forum and found some extensions like Sheet navigation, Variable, Tabs for Qlik Sense. Tried Tabs for Qlik Sense Extension but was not able to achieve the functionality I was looking for (it accommodated only one chart in a tab but I need to display 6 charts).  Please can someone help me in achieving the same functionality in Qlik Sense.

      I have attached the qvw, for functionality reference, it doesn’t have any data but there are two buttons   “Actual” and “Base”.

      By clicking on ‘Actual’ it shows 2 chats  (Actual and Actual), and when  switch to ‘Base’ button  it displays 2 other charts (Base and Base) in the same real estate. I want to achieve this functionality in qlik sense.

      So please can someone let me know if that is possible in qlik sense or not?