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    Engine API response handling in java script

    Krishna Kiriti


      I am pretty new to qliksense as well as java script. Based on some tutorials I was able to establish connection between my web app and qliksense.


      I couldn't understand how to read the response in java script.


      when I print the response, i am getting it like json object. But i could not print or use the detailed values by using dot qualifier as we normally do for JSON.




      > console.log(data)



        "jsonrpc": "2.0",

        "id": 1,

        "result": {

          "qDocList": [


              "qDocName": "Accounts Payable.qvf",

              "qConnectedUsers": 0,

              "qFileTime": 42970.94695601852,

              "qFileSize": 2883584,

              "qDocId": "C:\\Users\\Karthik\\Documents\\Qlik\\Sense\\Apps\\Accounts Payable.qvf",

              "qMeta": {

                "description": "",

                "dynamicColor": ""


              "qLastReloadTime": "2017-08-23T16:36:56.600Z",

              "qTitle": "accounts payable",

              "qThumbnail": {},

              "key": "C:\\Users\\Karthik\\Documents\\Qlik\\Sense\\Apps\\Accounts Payable.qvf",

              "$$hashKey": "object:107"



              "qDocName": "Consumer Sales.qvf",

              "qConnectedUsers": 0,

              "qFileTime": 42962.543217592596,

              "qFileSize": 10485760,

              "qDocId": "C:\\Users\\Karthik\\Documents\\Qlik\\Sense\\Apps\\Consumer Sales.qvf",

              "qMeta": {


      But when i try to print data.qDocList or data.result.qDocList , i am getting as undefined.

      Thanks in advance