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    Qlikview administrator groups


      Hello everyone,

      The Windows user used by Qlik services is part of an AD group (FR \ XXX-XXX-ADM-QLV), which is clearly defined as "Qlikview Administrator" and "Qlikview Management API"  (See below)



      1- Is this a group created before the installation of Qlikview server? or is it created automatically during the installation of QlikView server?

      2- What is the role of the groups below (Visible on the console in Group Name)

      - QlikView Administrator

      - QlikView document Administrator

      - QlikView Management API

      - Qlikview EDX

      3- How can you define an AD group as "QlikView Administrator" or  "QlikView document Administrator" ...?


      Thank you

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          Tresesco B

          From helpQlikView Publisher Repository ‒ QlikView:

          Security Groups

          When installing QlikView Server/Publisher, a couple of security groups are created.

          The QlikView Server/Publisher services must run under an account that is member of the security group QlikView Administrators. Users connecting to QMC must be part of this group. Anyone connecting to a remote service must also be member of QlikView Administrators.

          The users connecting through the API must be members of the QlikView Management API security group. The group is not created during the installation and has to be added (and populated, for example, with the members of the QlikView Administrators group) manually. A membership in this group is required to import tasks from another QlikView Server/Publisher.

          The QlikView EDX security group is not created during the installation and has to be added (and populated) manually in order for users to run EDX tasks.

          Document Administrators

          To delegate the responsibility of creating tasks to people not part of the QlikView Administrators group, users can be appointed document administrators. The document administrators are only allowed to access the tabs in QMC that are related to either user documents or source documents.

          Hope this helps.


          And adding to group - you may check: Adding Groups to an Active Directory Group

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            Peter Cammaert
            1. On average, at QlikView Server installation time only one group is created and that is "QlikView Administrators". This is not an AD group, but a local group (if you don't know what these are, better read up first on Windows domains and security). The others are created by as sysadmin.
            2. See Tresesco's answer. Or check the QMC Help which is quite good, although a bit underrated.
            3. Those are groups that are defined in a Windows directory (not in QlikView). The two you mentioned are local groups, not AD groups. However, AD groups like FR\XXX-XXX-ADM-QLV can be made a member of a local group by adding them to the group membership list of that local group. Groups can be nested as deep as you want.

            Note that creating and managing groups is a task for a System Administrator. Usually this isn't even the prerogative of a QlikView Administrator. But your mileage may vary.

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                HODA FOULON

                thank you ... your answers are complementary.

                I understand better why I could not find the other groups in the Active Directory.

                I have never underestimated the Qlikview help .. but not being a system administrator, I had trouble understanding the type of group created (Local, or ad group ..) + how to define outside of qlikview (QMC) that a group is a "Qlikview Management API" for example ...