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    NPrinting 17.3(+) Is there a way to change the installation location ?

    Nicolas Stefaniuk



      I have noticed that for Qlik Nprinting 17.3.1 and 17.4, there is no way to specify the installation location. It was possible in previous version (16 if I remember well). Instal run in admin mode, of course, by an account in local Administrators of server. Nprinting for Qlikview, in case there is a difference with the one for Qlik Sense.


      It is a real pain in the neck for organization that have strict deployment norms.


      Thanks a lot if you have any pointer.


      Same issue on :

      Windows 2012 Server 64 + Qlik Nprinting 17.4

      Windows 7 64 + Qlik Nprinting 17.3.1

      It seems it was the same for 17.2 : Qlik NPrinting Install Location