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    Some Qlik Sense Mashup's questions (Right access, add a js inputBox..)

    omar bensalem

      Hi all,


      I have some questions and hope you'll help me figure things out !


      If I build a mashup:


      1) who can see it? How and where to control this?


      a) if the mashup contains 3 charts present in an app; and only 3 persons have access to this app: are everybody gonna see the 3 charts within the mashup or only those who have the initial right to see the original app?


      2) are users who see the mashup consuming licenses? or the mashup is open for everybody and we need to just build an authentification module if we wanted to control the access?


      3) How to add a inputField in my mashup using javascript, to write comments on it then send them to a database? (I'm more then a noob in a JS)


      Hope that my questions are rather clear and really hope to find someone willing to explain !