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    Section access / access denied on AccessPoint for some users

    Christian Winter

      Hi there,


      I've come close to banging my head at the wall with this problem and I hope somebody here can give me a tip where else I can look. For a certain user I get an access denied error with code 19 in the accesspoint.


      Here's my scenario in more detail: I have a QVW with section access (successfully) implemented. Since there is a bit of mix&match logic going on to figure out which group of users can see which records, I generate unique row numbers and build an intermediate visibility table between row numbers and groups, then read users, groups (column "ORGANISATION") and access from an Excel file, and finally I load these users and groups in section access. This works fine so far. (And everything is in uppercase, with no superfluous/invisible characters).


      This screenshot shows the structure, the "Zugriff_temp" table is loaded into section access and then dropped:Screenshot_Section_Access.qvw.png


      Now I've added a few more groups and tested with a user I assigned to one of the new groups. If I open the document on the AccessPoint from the file system as the test user, everything works.


      I verified the data by disabling section access that my intermediate table contains entries for the new user and group, and adding a listbox for NTNAME and selecting the user filters the visible records just like expected. Yet, after refreshing the document with section access back in place, this test user gets an access denied error 19. I have tested this both in the Client (open from server) and in the AccessPoint.




      I have restrtictive mode enabled in document properties. The user has NTFS permissions (on the QVW and on metadata file).


      Am I missing something obvious? Anything idea how to proceed to find the cause? I'd appreciate any pointers.