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    Straight Table: Automatic Totals Function doesn't works as expected

    Michele De Nardi

      Hi Experts,

      i have one question regarding the "Total" function on Straight Table.


      As you can see, i've set the total function on "Automatic" mode and i would like to know which are the calculations QlikSense Server (v 3.0.2) is doing to calculate the total 198,59615384615 because this number is not a sum(total), avg, count of the numbers below so... what calculations is it doing ?


      Yes, i know that 10.327/ (98-46)=198,59615384615 but i would expect that the TOTAL function (set on automatic mode) returns the sum.


      Which type of reasoning is doing QlikSense by using "Automatic" total function ?


      I've attached the data i'm using.