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    Conditional Expression on Stacked Chart

    Bruce Jensen

      I have a stacked bar chart where my dimension is Quarter and my Expressions are totals of various departments (Claims, Underwriting, etc.) When a user selects a Department from the multi box, I'd like the chart to change and just show the department selected. The default (no selections) would show all Departments.


      From this:

      chart before.jpg

      To This:




      chart after.jpg

      I accomplished this using WildMatch(Concat([Roll-Up Dept],'/'),'Claims') but it has a couple problems. The default view is an empty chart. You have to select a Dept to view it. I'd like the default to show all depts. (the full stack like above). And it won't let me select multiple depts. I've seen this work on a table but can't get it to work on the stacked chart. Any help would be greatly appreciated!