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    Selecting NULL in chart

    Wayne Antinore

      Hi, I have chart built from two .qvd files.  It results in one of the bars holding the NULL values which shows great but it can't be selected to filter on in order to see the detail and that may be the most interesting information that the user would want to see.

      I have to .qvd files of information.

      File 1 - Company




      File 2 - Tests



      <other test detail>



      In the data manager the association for Tester_ID was made so that the two tables are joined.  In the bar chart I'm showing the testing broken out by company.  There are some tests that have a Tester_ID not in the company file so these result in the null values.  I've tried a few things in the load script (NullAsValue, a resident load) to give the nulls a value but none of them work.  The best I could come up with was to load the company file first and then have a statement like this to set an additional field.

      If(Exists(Tester_ID),'Yes','No') as [Has_Company]

      I can then filter on this to get the rows that don't have a company but I really want the value in the bar chart to be selected.  Thanks in advance for any help or insight.