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    Avg with missing Data (aggr?)

    Kevin Nagel

      Hello experts,


      I have a Problem with calculating the right avg values:


      The Problem in short is as follows - There is an article, that only consumption for 1 day in a month. let's say 01.01.2017.

      In the datamodle there are only rows, where there had been consumption.

      I want to calculate the average daily consumption

      In that case - if I use the avg function the formula will return 1, as it only has one datapoint. It should however divide the consuption by the number of days - 31.


      the data model has a a seperate table with calender Dates, which is connected to the consumption Dates.


      I tried using the formula as follows:


      avg(total aggr(Menge, Datum))


      but it does not understand, that I Need the missing Dates filled up with data ...


      Thankful for any ideas on this.


      Kind regards