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    Send multiple emails / reports to the same user from a single task

    Abhay Sudhakaran

      Is it possible to send multiple reports (each with different filters) to the same user from Qlik Sense nPrinting June 2017 version.



      We plan to send 600 reports to 600 different users. This is achieved by assigning filters for each of the 500 users and grouping them together under a single entity and finally adding that group in a task.


      Because there is no easy way to test if those 600 users actually received all the emails, I want to add myself to those outgoing emails so we can track all the mails that were sent.

      Currently the total time taken to send all those reports is around 2hrs, and the task also dumps a copy of the files in a shared folder, but it would be nice if I can add myself as a email recipient to all those reports going out.