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    Rename values in a field

    Ajinkya Bhonsle,

      Hi All,


      I have two fields in my two separate tables one from Salesforce and other sharepoint. "Campaign Type" and "Activity"



      Campaign TypeActivity
      Advertising - DigitalAdvertising - Digital
      Advertising - Offline/AdvertorialAdvertising - Offline/Advertorial
      Content SyndicationContent Syndication
      SearchPaid Search
      Search - PaidSocial Media
      Social MediaSocial Media Promotion



      What I am looking to do is map these two fields together. The issue is with "Search" and "Search - Paid" (campaign type table) which I want to group it and rename as "Paid Search" and group "Social Media" & "Social Media Promotion"(Activity table)  and rename it to "Social Media". So that we could get a proper mapping


      Can you help me with the script?