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    Connections cannot be transferred with Sense app to QAP

    Fei Xu

      At the moment, if data connections are in the Sense applications that are created by Sense desktop, when importing the apps into QAP, the connections will be uploaded to QAP.


      However, it is more often that applications are created in Sense Enterprise Server (QSE), where the desktop version cannot be installed. When exporting the apps in QSE and then importing them into QAP, the connections are not transferred, causing no connections in the QAP, then the reload tasks in QAP will fail.


      My idea is that no matter the apps are created by desktop or in the Sense server, they always bring the data connections. So when the apps are imported into QAP, they can be reloaded there.


      Please vote, thank you very much!


      Connections can be transferred with Sense app to QAP