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    A strange behavior when we hide/show a sheet conditionally

    Gordon Lo

      I cannot replicate this issue with a sample dashboard, but it is happening in our actual dashboards.

      Let me just describe the strange behavior in text.


      For example, There are 3 sheets.

      The 'Main' and 'Always Show' sheets always appear.

      The 'Conditional Show' sheet show only when =ONLY(Dim1)='A'.



      However when I select 'C', the 'Conditional Show' still appear.



      Then I switch to other sheets (eg: Always Show), the sheet is hidden at this moment.



      Then I go back 'Main' and choose back 'A', but the 'Conditional Show' sheet is still hidden.



      The sheet appears again only when I switch to another sheet.


      It seems that the hide/show condition recalculate when I switch between the sheets, but not when I select a value of a dimension.

      The user experience is not good. Any hints about this strange behavior?