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    Load table field from oracle function

    Santiago Gallego

      Hi! I am new to Qlik Sense and I am trying to load a table field in a connection script from an Oracle DB (using Qlik ODBC connector Package with Oracle Driver) from the results of an Oracle function.

      I can retrieve the table fields with the load script, and then I would like to fill a new field based upon the results of an Oracle function resident in the database package, using one of the table fields as a parameter.

      I know that I could replicate that function in Qlik Sense, but I have lots of functions developed in the package and I'm trying to save all that work...

      The load script is something like this:

      LIB CONNECT TO 'Oracle_connector1';















      and now I want to load a new field (ex: REFTIPO1) using an Oracle function called MIRA.NIVEL_RED(REFTIPO_RED) wich retrieves the result with the previously loaded field REFTIPO_RED as a input parameter.


      I've tryed using this formula after the table load:

      Load REFTIPO1;


      but I obtain the following error:

      Field 'REFTIPO1' not found

      Is it possible to load data in this way with Qlik Sense??

      Thanks a lot in advance.