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    Reference line for Selected months

    kumaran p

      Hi all


      I need to show reference line in chart.following expression is working  if i select any one month or 2 or 3 consecutive months. if i select random months answer was not correct. can anyone suggest?



          (NetWorkDays(Date(min(Date),'DD-MMM-YYYY'),Date(max(Date),'DD-MMM-YYYY'),$(v_Holiday)) * 8.5))


      for examlpe

           apr-170 hrs

           may-187 hrs

           june-178.5 hrs

          July-178.5 hrs

          aug-178.5 hrs

          Sep-76.5 hrs


      From the above if i choose apr&may combination- 357

                                              may&june combination-365.5

                                               apr& june combination- 535.5(apr+may+june) (but i need to get 348.5 for Apr & june)