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    Is anyone familiar with mashups? (InputBox to store into MySql db?Then get the stored column?) Php? Javascript?Jquery?Node.js?

    omar bensalem

      Is there anyone with a high web affinity to guide through me this scenario PLEASE?


      I want to have a mashup that contains:

      Some Qlik Sense charts +

      2 input Boxes:

      to enter:

      - commentaries

      -and their userName


      Once they submit; the commentaries and entered UserName must be stored in a column within a mysql table.


      Then we'll have a list of the userNames, if we select a name, we'll have a table of all their commentaries.


      The operation must be in "real-time"; the post and get process.


      This is the idea, but I DON'T have ANY CLUE on how to do this.

      Can ANYONE please help me?

      I'm a complete newbie when It comes to web technologies

      I've always come to help , now I need yours