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    how to write the expression

    naveen kumar

      Hello All,

      can any one help me in achieving this requirement.....the thing is i need to show sum of volume against recommended R_Calmonth column  what i mean is




      what i need to show for   R_Calmonth      201707 =201704+201705+201706 which is  1600+1600+1768  =4968

                                       for                            201708=201704+201705+201706 +201707 which is   1600+1600+1768+400=5368

                                                                        201709=201704+201705+201706 +201707+201708 which is   1600+1600+1768+400=5368(beacuse i dont have any volume for 201708)



      Expression i tried is

                                   Actual:  Sum({<CALMONTH = {">=$(=YearStart(Max(CALMONTH))) <$(=max(CALMONTH))"}>} VOLUME)


      but i am not getting expected output



      Any suggestion plz