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    ValueList() Not working when using variable... help?

    Denis Gauthier

      Hey, Qlik Community:


      I'm trying to save sheet real estate by combining charts using the Variable extension and find that when using it in conjunction with ValueList(), I get the message 'The selections generated no data for this chart.' Here's the setup:


      Variable extension with 2 values:

           Variable name: vChartToggle

           Value 1: 0

           Value 2: 1


      Target Visualization: Line Chart with 2 dimensions and one metric:

           Dimension 1: 

                IF($(vChartToggle)=0, [YYYYMM],IF($(vChartToggle)=1,[MONTH_NAME]))

           Dimension 2:


           Metric 1:



               IF($(vChartToggle)=1,SUM( {<




                                                             >} Premium)))


      It is important to note that when the variable is set to 1 (i.e. $(vChartToggle)=1) the chart works as expected. It's only when the chart value is set to 0 that it does not work. The charts also work if I separate them into two distinct charts without the use of a variable.

      Anyone know any limitations on using ValueList() this way?