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    Colors with Custom Expression on Null values

    Josh Akehurst

      I would like to use a custom expression to display a Green/Red color output on a donut chart, but nothing is working.  I define anything null in the field as 'Unassigned' otherwise 'Assigned'.  Here are the expressions involved. 



      =if(IsNull([Resolution]), 'Unassigned', 'Assigned' )


      Colors and Legend

      =if(IsNull([Resolution), RGB(72,196,117), RGB(231,97,74))

      Also tried

      =if(IsNull([Resolution]), RGB(72,196,117), if(Not isNull([Resolution]), RGB(231,97,74), RGB(0,0,0)))


      The only color displayed is Green (Not red for the Unassigned/Null values)


      Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 4.02.49 PM.png