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    Potential bug - filter pane with comments in


      Hi All,


      (Qlik version: Qlik Sense Desktop 3.2 SR4 / Qlik Sense (enterprise) 3.2 SR2)


      While building an app, we found out one potential bug (might already show up somewhere) - The filter pane and GetFieldSelections() / GetSelectedCounts() doesn't work while the filter pane contains comments in it.


      As shown below, I have two filter panes. One has no comments, the other one has comments. While select values, the one without comments works well with GetFieldSelections() and GetSelectedCounts(). However, the other one with comments doesn't work.


      This might be a known issue. Just put it out there if someone gets confused as I was!





      The one does not have comments.


      The one has comments.


      Without comments, everything works well.


      With comments in it, the GetFieldSelections() and GetSelectedCounts() does not work.