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    Alignment in cells with table values is not working

    Vladimir Komarov

      Hello all,


      I am using latest and greatest version of NPrinting (Sept 2017), but I believe it was a problem in other releases as well.


      I do have report that includes columns from a table.

      Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 3.39.39 PM.png

      The cell's layout is set (for all cells in the range - selected) as Middle and Center Aligned (above).

      But the output report is showing column's values as right-aligned (the default value). The Header and Total lines are aligned properly:

      Here are the output Excel file with just default alignment for these cells:

      Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 3.19.56 PM.png

      Output PDF file:

      Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 3.35.09 PM.png


      What I am missing here??


      Appreciate a feedback or suggestions.