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    How to Dynamically Change expression in Qliksense?

    Pallav Abhishek

      I have a table which has the revenue of all the clients in my organisation.
      But the catch is, there is more than 1 column for revenues in different currency.


      Clients NameRevenue USDRevenue EURORevenue INRRevenue AUD
      XYZ Ltd100121430256




      I am using inbuilt KPI to show the Revenue ,However in 1 KPI I can only show revenue of 1 currency.So If I want to show revenue in all four currency,I have to use 4 different KPI's. Which is not feasible for me.

      Is there a way to have a radio button or a filter, something like this


      Select Currency

      So If I click/Select on EURO all my values get changed to EURO.?

      Thanks in advance.