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    Qlik Sense Calendar for several dimensions

    Xavier HEMELAAR

      Hi Qlikers,


      I would like some advises about the best way to build calendar(s) in my Qlik Sense Apps. I have a set of data where each ID has several date fields (forecast, target, validate, etc .... date). The expected result is to have in a same chart all those date fields displayed (one curve for Forecast, one curve for target, etc...).


      I also would like to have the dimension label to change depending on the period of data I'm looking at. If I zoom in I will go from Year --> month --> weeks --> days


      I found two topics that give me some idea about what I need to do:

      Creating A Master Calendar

      Canonical Date


      But I would like some advice about "Canonical date" as this post is for Qlikview  and was created in 2014. Maybe there is a other way for qlik sense more up to date.


      Thanks for your support!