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    Error while connecting with MySql

    laxman V

      Hello Everyone,

      i am trying to connect with the Mysql server with ODBC connector, i am having 2 problems while doing this ...


      1. while i am creating an ODBC system DSN with TCP/IP Address as LOCALHOST it showing CONNECTION Success Full,

      while i am trying to do the same with TCP/IP Address with my IP ADDRESS it showing "Host <My Domain name> is not allowed to connect to this MySQL "


      and the second problem is


      2. when i created ODBC System DSN with TCP/IP Address as LOCALHOST and connection got created, then i tried to connect to the MySQL through ODBC connection in QLIK SENSE DESKTOP it showing the error that iam attaching

      Here interesting thing is that,The IP Address it showing in error is not my IP Address, its one of LAN machine in my organisation which have Mysql server installed

      Please help to sort it out ASAP.

      Thanks in advance.