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    Qlik sense - Sort by expression (number) and convert number to string (text)

    Daniel Sørensen

      Hi Foks


      I have been trying to understand the way to sort by expression and converting numbers in my table to string (text).

      And this question may already have been answered numerous times in this forum, but apparently not in a way that I am able to understand it, and use the examples in my table. 


      The problem is the last Column (Fejlkode)

      I would like if the data = errorState

      Could be sorted so that the number '2' is always the first, and '4' is the second.

      Also, i would like if the number '2' is converted to text 'Critical, must be replaced'  and '4' converted to text 'Cold restart for 21 days'



      Hope you are able to help me figure out how to approach this problem.