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    Transfer State with Document Chaining

    Nigel West

      Hi Folks


      I have a very simple requirement.


      I have 3 dashboards and each of them has a navigation landing page.


      When I call the dashboard from Access Point (any of the dashboards) then it should open on the landing page, however, if I open the dashboard using the buttons on the landing page then it should open on a different sheet.


      Relatively simple thing to do you would think.


      1. Create an island table in each of the dashboards.

      2. Execute a simply select statement on clicking the button to navigate.

      3. Use an Open QlikView Document action with Transfer State switched on.

      4. In the called dashboard have an OnOpen trigger to recognise the selection and call the appropriate sheet.


      If my button only has Open QlikView Document action with transfer state switched on, then if I manually do the select before pressing the button then this all works.


      If my button has a Select Field command, followed by the Open QlikView Document command then it will not transfer the selection.



      Anybody out there have any thoughts on how I can do this?


      Nigel West.