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    Multiple If statements in Qlik Sense load script

    Derek Robertson

      I'm tyring to add multiple if statements in my Qlik Sense load script.


      The data has a status that I would like to group into 4 different stages and then call that Open Position Stage


      If ([Status] <> 'Withdrawn' or [Status] <> 'Rejected', 'Open Positions',

          If ([Status] <> 'Withdrawn' or [Status] <> 'Rejected' or [Status] <> 'Submitted' or [Status] <> 'Halted', 'Pending Approval',

          If ([Status] = 'Submitted', 'In Process',

          If ([Status] = 'Halted', 'Onboarding')))) AS "Open Position Stage",



      So, in the end I would like to have Open Position Stage as a dimension with values of Open Positions, Pending Approval, In Process, and Onboarding.


      I'm struggling with the syntax and have tried several different things, but can't get it to load properly.


      Anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?