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    Auto start failure jobs in QMC

    Paras Dalsania

      Hi, I have a publisher and have lot of jobs running on daily basis.

      Every day due to various reason the job gets failed in between and I had to manually restart the same.

      Is there a way to handle this,like some settings in qlikview  by which all the failed jobs will restart automatically ?


      Thanks in advance

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          Peter Cammaert

          Yes, there is but it does not work by setting a single configuration opton for all tasks. You'll have to configure this for every task individually.


          In QMC, goto your task configuration dialog and select the Triggers tab. At the bottom, under the header "Task Execution Options" there is a field called "Number of Tries". By default it is set to 1, meaning that a single run will be attempted. If you enter for example 5, the QDS will attempt a maximum of 5 tries before it gives up. Even if the error cannot be solved by just repeatedly executing a task.





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              Paras Dalsania


              So you mean to say if I have a tree of application e.g. 7 application ,then I have to give this option in each of the application.

              If I understood  your solution properly then it will be like this :-

              If my 2nd application gets failed,then it will try 5 times back to back, if in case it succeeds then the 3rd application will run, so on and so forth.

              And if it fails for 5 times then the tree will not run further

              Let me know if this is what you mean?


              I did check the settings ,there is also an option of time out in minutes .

              What is that? Ideally how much should we keep the timeout ?