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    How to match records which are having counting more than once




      Please see the pivot table I have created which shows cheque numbers which are having counts more than once. That was achieved by applying the following expression!



      Now I need you to help me to achieve followings!


      A) The cheque numbers which are repeated more than once with different customers to be chosen separately. (As you can see most of the insured are the same which records are OK  but the records where different insured are involved for same cheqe numbers to be taken separately.(How this could be achieved)


      B) Also help me to  pick the above records (same cheque numbers with different customers in one click otherwise I have to go down in the table to see them. The pivot table I have attached here too arranged by excluding other records (once cheque number & cash settlements) by using  CTRL key after applying the expression in the list box (cheque number dimension) which I think  do not help me in full. If you suggest me some more accurate method can be used to separately  identify them it is fine.