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    Qlik sense - Set Analysis - Sum ignoring one dimension

    Alvaro Garcia

      Hi everyone, this weekend im working on a report to obtain % of participation of each combination of zone and type of product in all sales channels.


      To this i need obtain the subtotal or sum all cambinations of zone and product by all sales channels and  after that divide this by sum of complete combination of channel, zone and product.


      I tried to use this:


      Sum({<[Sales Channel]={'Channel1','Channel2','Channel3','Channel4'}>}[Quantity])


      But this expression sum the same values like




      And if i put the word Totals


      Sum(Totals{<[Sales Channel]={'Channel1','Channel2','Channel3','Channel4'}>}[Quantity])


      Qliksense calculate the full total without discrimination of zone or product


      I upload an example to what i want to obtain.

      • Column D =  Sum of Column C and F
      • Column E =  Column C / Column D
      • Column G = Sum of Column C and F
      • Column H = Column F / Column G




      Is possible obtain this values ?


      Thanks in adavance.