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    Accumulation with limitation

    Xavier HEMELAAR

      Hi Qlikers,


      In one of my charts I would like to do an accumulation but then at a certain point I would like to stop the chart


      So my dimension is a date (CanonicalDate) and my measure expression (Validated) is:


      rangesum( above( Count({$<DateType={'AvailabilityDate'}>} IDNumber),0,rowno()))


      Not working Example.png

      As you can see my measure called Validated goes futher than a specific date that I stored in a variable vFirstDayOfWeek. What would be the expression for my measure in order to stop displaying the bar chart after my variable?


      Also, as you can see for some dates I have no value, so no bar in my chart. What would be the expression in order to have a bar displayed for each day? With the line chart I dont have the problem because the lines are automatically linked. My table are build has explained in this topic Canonical Date


      The expected result is:



      Thanks for your help!