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    Help in REST Connection

    Fernando Damas Wenzel

      Hi everyone,

      I've trying to make a REST connection in Qlik Sense, but i am facing some troubles that i think you guys can help.


      The web service's owner sent me a URL that is something like this:



      And they sent me the authentication as well. The connection works just fine.


      But, when I get in the connection to select my data, it doesn't bring me the values in each field, but the fields as values in a field named @value. At the image below, ie, PLANO/DATA, TIPO DE PREVENTIVA, etc.,  are all fields that i need to extract values of.




      Also, when i click direct in the link, this is the content of the page:



      Anyone could help me or bring me a light here?

      Is it a problem with the connection, the data type is not support by qlik, etc? Or something I should do instead?

      I am not that familiar with this king of connection.


      Thank you!


      Fernando Wenzel