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    Set unique date ranges on sheets?

    Matt McIlvride

      I am currently working on an app that will have several sheets within it. The app draws several years worth of data from a view in our Microsoft SQL Server. While each sheet requires the data from the same view, many of them have unique date range requirements. Some example date ranges I need include:

      • A week-over-week report
      • A month-over-month report
      • A year-over-year report
      • A month-to-date report
      • A weekly report


      Since these sheets are all a part of the same app, it looks like I cannot use the load editor to get the date ranges I need. This leads me to believe that a set analysis is what I need. Reading the documentation for set analysis, it appears that it works only on a single field. If I have 10 fields I need to display in a report, would I need to do a set analysis on each field? Is there any way to do a set a date range for all fields in a given table?