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    One of my filters should not affect my line graph and KPI

    Brian Gilmartin



      I have a dashboard with several filters on it.  I have 2 tables of data being loaded in.  One is for claims made on items bought (Claims) and the other is all items sold (Items).


      In my line graph and KPI is items sold volume (a sum based on the volume of items sold). This should change based on the filters such as date, country, region etc.  All of these filters are from the 'Items' data table. 


      What I don't want is for it to change based on the type of claim (which is also a filter and comes from the 'Claims' data table) as the calculation should be against all items sold.


      Is there any way I can do something with the filters or even the data load so that my 'items sold volume' does not change when I select a claim type from the 'Claims' data filter?